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In the Rocklin area, too many people receive the shock of their lives when they get injured in motor vehicle accident completing their regular daily activities. Motor vehicle accidents account for one of the most common injuries people in the area experience. If you’ve been in a car accident and have been injured, Braff Injury Law Offices is ready and able to represent you and fight for your rights to legal compensation for your injuries.

We also fight for the protection of rights of those who have been injured in a slip and fall accident, dog bite or any other type of injury or death connected with the negligence of another person or company. Our firm believes that victims deserve fair compensation and we aggressively advocate for the rights of victims in Rocklin.

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Proven, Passionate Legal Representation that Cares

Too many personal injury lawyers simply see victims as a case number or a job. Not Braff Injury Law Offices. Our team see victims as just what they are, individuals who have been traumatized and have experienced a catastrophic that has turned their lives upside down. We have a proven track record of numerous wins both at the negotiating table and in the courtroom. Our team is passional about the protection of our clients’ rights.

For this reason, we try to remain as accessible as possible. This means that when you call our firm, you will not be forced to speak to a receptionist, when you contact us. Braff Injury Law Offices lawyers work closely with each client, offering personalized time on every case.

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At our law firm, we only represent personal injury cases and claims. Braff Injury Law Offices does not take on any other type of case. We also never work with insurance companies since we see this as a conflict of interest. Insurance firms rarely have the needs of the victims as their top priority. We do. Braff Injury Law Offices specialize and represent accident victims for:

Our Rocklin clients are not only those who have involved in minor accidents but we take on cases where there is serious and catastrophic injuries and help them get the entitled damages. By focusing exclusively on the victims, our legal team at Braff Injury Law Offices offers compassionate service that we feel our clients deserve.

Steps of the Litigation Process

Braff Injury Law Offices uses a tried, tested and true format that helps our lawyers draft a strong case on your behalf.

A diagnosis of the injury from a physician and getting treated early can prevent you from having more surgeries in future, so we recommend all injured people to get the medical help they need right away, even if they’re not sure how they’re going to pay for the care. If the injuries were caused by the negligence of another person, we will work tirelessly to make sure you get the compensation to pay for the medical treatment you need. Contact Braff Injury Law Offices today to find out more.

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