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Local area residents often need for a personal injury lawyer when they’ve been injured through the negligent actions of someone else and require fair and reasonable compensation in order to live as normal a life as possible. When they need skilled personal injury legal representation, the residents of Delano turn Braff Injury Law Offices.

Cases We handle

In California, we have had years of experience in handling tort cases and claims.
At Braff Injury Law Offices, we have extensive experience dealing with personal injury cases and have the skills and desire to aggressively advocated for you so that you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries and emotional trauma. This is because Californian laws have stringent regulations dealing with liability when it comes to accidents and animal attacks.

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Our lawyers are not only knowledgeable but have years of experience in representing clients in the courtroom and settling claims out of court. Here are some of the accidents and injuries that we handle:

If you’ve experienced an injury not listed above, contact us anyways. With history of successful wins, we have helped many of the clients get the maximum damages, and we may still be able to do that for you for whatever personal injury you’ve experienced. To start with, we will evaluate your case and judge the merits in terms of damages that you can file for based on the level of injuries you have sustained.

The Complexities of Legal Liability

Our firm does not recommend that a person who has been injured through the negligence of another try to seek compensation on their own. It is not in your best interests to deal with insurance companies’ solo. These companies will come across as willing to help you with your recovery and the other challenges the injury has caused, when in reality they are more concerned about their stakeholders and paying out the lowest settlement amount possible.

Though you may be certain that your injuries were caused by the negligence of another person, you will need a skilled team of lawyers to prove this in order to receive the maximum amount of compensation possible. We know that proving liability is vital to a successful personal injury claim that provides adequate compensation for injuries.

According to California law, known as the “Rule of Carelessness”. It means that if someone has been negligent, they are liable to pay for the losses that you have endured due to their carelessness. Proving legal liability with this rule requires several factors.

Examples of reduced liability include:

A skilled personal injury lawyer with experience in motorcycle accidents will help you on the road to recovery by making sure you get the compensation you deserve in order to pay for the services to restore your life. You will be treated with respect and dignity at all times by our legal team and support professionals.

Contact Braff Injury Law Offices if you or someone you love is suffering with the injuries or the aftermath of an accident in Porterville. We’ll help you get the compensation you deserve. Let’s discuss your case today and help you at every step of the legal process.

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