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In California, hundreds of pedestrians get die or get injured every day due to negligent drivers. There are certain age groups that appear to be impacted with a higher percentage of pedestrian accidents, according to statistics. These are often children or senior citizens who end up being victims of these accidents. Braff Injury Law Offices handles many cases every year of pedestrian accidents involving children or senior citizens.

Sometimes the accidents cause such catastrophic injuries that the person dies due to their injuries. Others have lifelong damages to their body that negatively impact their quality of life. This is because the effect of a speeding vehicle means that there is thousands of pounds of steel and metal hitting a body of soft tissue and bone. Permanent disabilities are common among those who have survived these types of accidents.

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Our lawyers are experts at maximizing the settlement amount of an injury victim and we will always protect their rights all through entire legal process, no matter how long or how complicated it gets. Our team specializes in tort law. This is the only law we practice. Our many years of experience in personal injury cases, and pedestrian accident cases, means that we have a proven track record of negotiating and fighting for fair settlements for the victims. Our firm is known for recovering maximum amounts as settlement for our clients.

Braff Injury Law Offices has a strong network of professionals that will investigate the accident scene to help us get the best settlements possible. We also work with a network of doctors, specialists and other medical professionals who will help with diagnosis of injuries as well as the reason for the death when it comes to pedestrian accidents. Most of the pedestrian accidents we deal with involve motor vehicles like cars or trucks. We do also deal with pedestrian injuries involving a bicycle.

Laws About Comparative Negligence

In California, as per the “Comparative Negligence” law it allows that there is sharing of liability among vehicle drivers and pedestrians. These are legal terms that can sound daunting at first but basically mean that even if a pedestrian is liable partially for the accident, that person can still be entitled to get damages. In order for this to happen, a skilled personal injury lawyer like those at Braff Injury Law Offices will need to fight to ensure that the compensation is paid since a defendant’s lawyer will often try to shift the blame entirely on the victim in order to eliminate responsibility for their clients.

Protecting Your Rights

We encourage you to do your research when choosing a personal injury legal firm to represent you. There are many firms in California and not all of them are equal in the level of representation they give their clients.

Braff Injury Law Offices provides a superior level of representation backed by many years of combined experience. We are compassionate towards our clients and want what’s best for them both with medical treatment and legal representation. Contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation to find out more details of what we can do for you.

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