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As the populations increase in various metropolitan areas, so does the need for people to get around. While a lot of people drive themselves to school, work, and recreation events using their own motor vehicles, an increasing percentage of people are using public transit to get around. Public transportation is popular in more cities as the populations grow. This is convenient and environmentally friendly in many ways. The downside is that with the increase of public transit use, so comes the increase in the number of injuries caused by public transportation. The same holds true for an increase in property damages.

Public transportation is an all-inclusive word to describe buses, trains and subways. Basically, any mode of transportation people takes in groups in order to get around. When an accident happens on public transportation in California, you may be entitled to compensation for the injuries you’ve received. Contact Braff Injury Law Offices for a free consultation to find out what we can do for you if you’ve been involved in a public transit accident.

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Public Transit Liability

Statistically, there are more motor vehicle accidents than there are accidents involving public transportation. This means that while public transportation injuries don’t happen often, they do still happen and when they happen, the injuries can be serious. Injuries with public transportation can involve pedestrians, other vehicles, cyclists or other modes of public transport.

There are tort laws that protect people who have been injured in public transit accidents. If the accident has been caused through the negligent behavior of another person, that person needs to held accountable and the victim is supposed to receive compensation for the damages to their property and the injuries to their person.

While this sounds very straightforward, the reality is that proving negligence can be difficult. Public transit accidents can be complex for many reasons, which requires a skilled lawyer like Braff Injury Law Offices to navigate the system to get the best compensation for the victim.

One of the reasons that public transportation

Cases involving injury or damage to public property can be so complex is because of the different levels of government required to deal with prior to getting compensation. For example, the injured party may need to file a claim against the driver or vehicle operator as well as the municipality due to the public nature of the transportation.

The situation is a little different if the public transport was a private one. Even though the private transport was contracted by the city, generally the municipality isn’t involved in any lawsuit since the responsibility rests of the company that caused the injuries.

The Importance of an Expert Legal Team

We know that if you want to get justice and damages, you need to have the best lawyers in your corner. This means you need a firm that understands personal injury law and has extensive experience in that field of law, especially when it relates to public transit. Braff Injury Law Offices is that law firm. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

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