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There can be many causes to auto accidents that the average person may not always consider. In California, negligence is one of the biggest causes attributed to motor vehicle accidents. Negligence means that the driver at fault was responsible for the accident due to negligence and has caused injury or harm while behind the wheel of a vehicle. It’s a broad term it is due to:

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If you asked any person who has been involved in a motor vehicle accident if they expected to be injured this way, most would say it never crossed their mind. This is true since most of us never anticipate getting injured by a vehicle when we’re doing our daily tasks like shopping or going to work.

Despite this, the statistics are startling.

In the United States, there are more than two million injuries from motor vehicles every year. Of these injuries, 10 percent occur in the state of California. That’s a minimum of 200,000 motor vehicle injuries every year. If you or a loved on has recently been injured in a motor vehicle accident, especially if it was caused by the irresponsible and negligent behavior or another driver, you may be entitled to compensation for damages.

To access this compensation, you need a skilled lawyer who knows how to handle these types of cases. Braff Injury Law Offices is made up of a team of lawyers who has extensive experience in motor vehicle personal injury cases. When the driver causes an accident, they are liable for the injuries of another person even if they’re adamant they are not and try to fight paying the compensation.

Accident Claims for Damages Payment

When dealing with personal injury cases, “damages” is often used. It’s used so often that it’s often forgotten that not everyone knows what this means and the term should be explained. “Damages” in a personal injury case refers to what the claim is actually worth in connection to the emotional, financial or physical pain caused. The most common injuries and damages incurred due to motor vehicle accidents include the following:

On the screen, this looks simple enough to prove. But motor vehicle personal injury cases can be complex. At Braff Injury Law Offices we do not recommend that injured people try to represent themselves. They could be doing more harm than good to their cases. Insurance companies, especially, are experienced at tactics to pressure a plaintiff to accept a much lower settlement amount than they actually deserve.

First, get the medical help that you need in order to start your recovery after a motor vehicle accident. Then contact a lawyer skilled in motor vehicle personal injury law, like our firm at Braff Injury Law Offices, In Rocklin, Mission Viejo, Union City & Porterville.

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