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Recreational Vehicles need lots of investment. Whether RVs are bought for personal use or to be given on lease, they must give a return on their investment in terms of use, safety, and resale. If the RV you have bought or leased, is still under a Manufacturer’s Warranty and it shows substantial defects, it may qualify as a Lemon. In California, manufacturers are liable to refund the costs of a purchase or lease of an RV or refund the faulty vehicle of the same model and make. When you suspect that your RV Home may be a lemon, you must contact an RV Home Lemon Law lawyer in Rocklin, at the Braff Injury Law Offices, to know what compensation you have.

In California, purchasers get protection under the California Lemon Law, if their vehicles qualify as a lemon. If you have leased or purchased a motorhome or recreational vehicle, and it is facing brake failure, engine problems, steering problems, etc., it may be a lemon. Especially if the problems are not solved despite a reasonable number of repair attempts. If you are not sure if your RV is a lemon, and if you can get the legal coverage under the California Lemon Law, you must seek legal advice from an RV Home Lemon Law attorney in Rocklin with the Braff Injury Law Offices.  

In California, Lemon Law claims are becoming common occurrences, as the number of vehicle sales has increased, but reliability has decreased. The purchaser can have a Lemon Law claim if he or she is sold a defective product, including a vehicle. The vehicle must be under the warranty of the seller, distributor, or the manufacturer. The warrantor must refund or replace the defective good. At the Braff Injury Law Offices, we know that the claim process, and getting fair compensation, are not easy tasks. If you have reservations that your RV may be a lemon, you must consult with our RV Lemon Lawyers in Rocklin.

Non-Conformities of Your RV

Like any other vehicle, purchasers also get a written Manufacturer’s Warranty on RVs or motor vehicles. If your RV does not conform to the specifications given in the warranty book; it may qualify as a Lemon provided:

What Does RV Lemon Law Cover?

The common RV defects covered under the California Lemon Law include braking system defects, transmission and engine defects, electrical system defects, and problems with the RV’s living space. The drivable parts of the RV, such as chassis and drivetrain are covered under the Motor Vehicle Lemon Law, in California. If your RV is still under warranty, its living space, or non-motorable portion is covered under the Song-Beverly Consumer Warrant Act, in California.

What Types of RVs are Covered Under California Lemon Law?

Under the California Lemon Law, the following recreational vehicles are covered:

Will a Lemon Lawyer Be Expensive for Me?

When you contact an RV Lemon Lawyer in Rocklin, California, the lawyer will give you a free initial consultation. During this consultation, the lawyer will go through all relevant papers, discuss the case with you, answer your queries, and assess the worth of your case. The lawyer will suggest you next course of action. The auto manufacturer is liable for paying the attorney’s fees and other associated charges. So, you will not have to pay anything out of pocket, if you hire a Lemon Law lawyer.

Do Not Get Carried Away by Manufacturers or Dealers

In most Lemon cases, the auto manufacturers and dealers try to discourage the purchaser from making a Lemon claim. They have a team of lawyers who will try to persuade you, on behalf of their clients, that the vehicle can be repaired. They may even try to prove that the RV became defective because of your mishandling or improper maintenance. They will force you to accept a low-ball offer. So, never ever try to negotiate with the auto manufacturers, or dealers, without having a Lemon Lawyer with you. Your lawyer will ensure that your rights are protected.

How Does the Lemon Law Work?

If you believe that your RV is a lemon, then you can claim for your lemon within the stipulated time; from the day you should have known, or knew, that your RV is a lemon. In your Lemon claim, you can ask for a refund from the manufacturer or a replacement of the vehicle.

There are chances that the manufacturer will refuse to take any action. Then, you can file a lawsuit to force the manufacturer to comply with what was declared in the warranty book. The California Lemon Law has a provision according to which the manufacturer has to pay court costs and attorney fees when a purchaser wins a Lemon case.

To know how to proceed if your RV is a lemon, you must seek advice from the Braff Injury Law Offices team of RV Lemon Lawyers in Rocklin, California.

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I was in a terrible accident that left me with a spinal cord injury. Braff Injury Law was there for me from start to finish and made sure I got the medical treatment and support I needed. Allan was my lawyer and he was incredible - he fought hard for me and got me the settlement I deserved.
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18:34 12 Jan 23
I was in a motor cycle accident and my family encouraged me to hire Braff Lawyers. I'm glad I listened to them because this law firm was able to get me a great settlement. Thank you to Lior.
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Braff Injury Law Offices and Elan were fantastic in my slip and fall accident. I'm so glad I chose them to represent me.
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13:55 10 Jan 23
I'm grateful to Braff Injury Law Firm and Lior for their representation in my motor vehicle accident case. They were able to get me the compensation I deserved
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11:05 10 Jan 23
I was involved in a pedestrian accident and was referred to Braff Law by a friend. They did an excellent job handling my case and I was very satisfied with the outcome. Thank you to Allan for his professionalism and dedication.
23:22 05 Jan 23
I was involved in a slip and fall accident and needed legal help. A friend recommended Braff Law and I'm so glad they did. Elan was my lawyer and he was amazing. He fought hard for me and made sure I got the best possible settlement. I would highly recommend Braff Law to anyone in need of a personal injury lawyer.
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15:11 20 Dec 22
Braff law and Oliver were a great help in my accident while working case. Thank you for your hard work and dedication.
Maverick BakerMaverick Baker
14:19 14 Dec 22
Braff Law was an absolute lifesaver for me after my motorcycle accident. Lior was my lawyer and he was amazing - he fought for me every step of the way and got me the settlement I deserved. I can't thank him enough.
Olive JonesOlive Jones
19:44 05 Dec 22
I recently hired an injury lawyer from braff law firm and I'm very pleased with the results. The lawyer, Lion, was knowledgeable, experienced, and very professional. He was able to settle my case quickly and with a very good result. He was always available to answer my questions and provide me with updates on my case. He was also very patient and understanding of my situation. I was very pleased with the outcome of my case and I would highly recommend Braff LAW Attorneys to anyone who needs help with an injury claim.
Anna HrAnna Hr
15:33 20 Nov 22
Outstanding services They patiently and clearly explained the process step by step, thus I had no issues. They aided in my recovery of my refund. God's blessings on you

Most Lemon claims need not go to litigation to obtain recovery as out of court settlement is done. You will need expert lawyers to make an out of court settlement and accept a manufacturer’s offer. Not hiring Lemon Lawyers may cost you dearly. We carefully review each Lemon case and do not represent the client unless we believe that the Lemon RV claim is valid, and the consumer will get recovery.

Consulting our team of RV Lemon Lawyers in Rocklin is the best solution. Not all lawyers can handle Lemon Law cases. Lawyers at the Braff Injury Law Offices who have thorough knowledge about the California Lemon Law can review your case and build a strong Lemon case in your favor.

Frustrated dealing with your defective RV because it is not safe to drive, and unable to use your RV because of its substantial defects? If those problems cannot be resolved, despite multiple repair attempts, it is time to call the Braff Injury Law Offices.

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