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The Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, or California’s Lemon Law, allows consumers to ask for replacement of a defective product, or reimbursement of the purchase price of a product, if it cannot be repaired after a reasonable number of attempts. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act is the federal ‘Lemon law’ which is like the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act. Either of the two versions of the Lemon law can be applied in most cases. However, the Song-Beverly Act provides more protection to the consumers than the Magnuson-Moss Act.

The Lemon Law Benefits Consumers

Under the ‘Lemon law’, a consumer can ask for replacement of a defective product or reimbursement of a product’s purchase price if the manufacturer or authorized dealer cannot repair the defect despite a reasonable number of attempts.

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If you have purchased a defective vehicle, then a manufacturer is entitled to an offset for its use up until the first time when a vehicle is brought to the manufacturer or an authorized dealer for an un-repairable defect. However, it is not unlikely for the auto-manufacturing companies to negotiate larger offsets with the consumers even though it is unlawful under the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act. Therefore, it is prudent to consult with a Lemon law attorney in Union City at the Braff Injury Law Offices if you want to recover sufficient compensation for your losses.

Is the ‘Lemon Law’ Applicable to Minor Defects, or Significant Defects?

The Song-Beverly Act applies to the defects that significantly impairs the use of a vehicle and reduces its safety or value. The minor defects are not usually covered by California’s Lemon law. A few examples of serious defects are faulty brakes, engine function, air-conditioning system, transmission, etc. It is only possible for a consumer to file a Lemon law claim and to apply for compensation if there are serious defects with their vehicle.

Separate Facts from Misconceptions

For years, manufacturers have spread incorrect information regarding a Lemon law claim to avoid compensating as many consumers as possible. Therefore, it is essential to stay informed about the facts of Lemon law.

A manufacturer may claim that a consumer has no Lemon law claim unless there have been 4 attempts to repair the same defect within the first 18 months or first 18000 miles.

There is no hard and fast rule about the minimum four attempts at repair. The correct standard depends upon whether a manufacturer or an authorized dealer had sufficient opportunity to repair any defect within the ‘warranty’ period. The reasonable opportunity to repair a defect is regarded as more than one attempt at repair.

At the Braff Injury Law Offices, we have been able to recover compensation in Lemon law claims with only two attempts at repair. However, a manufacturer must be given the opportunity to repair the defect within the warranty period if you want to file a Lemon law claim.

We come across many questions when potential clients come to meet us. Maybe you have similar queries, so we have put together a FAQ section and answered them accordingly:

Do Consumers Have to Pay in Order to Enforce Their ‘Lemon Law’ Rights?

Under the Lemon law, a consumer can collect the attorney’s fees and legal costs from the manufacturer. In addition to that, we handle the Lemon law cases on a contingency basis. Therefore, you pay nothing to retain the service of experienced Lemon law attorneys through the Braff Injury Law Offices.

Does California’s Lemon Law Cover Leased Vehicles?

Yes. In this scenario, plaintiff’s damages are not calculated according to their obligations under the purchase contract. It is calculated according to their obligations under the lease.

Does The Lemon Law Cover Used Cars?

Yes. However, the pre-owned vehicles must be covered by the warranty.

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Does the ‘Lemon Law’ Cover Cars Past Their Warranty Period?

The Lemon law usually does not cover the cars past their warranty period. However, the warranty is extended as to that defect until it is repaired in the following scenarios.

Are Cars with a Service Contract Covered by ‘Lemon Law’?

Yes. As of 1998, the California Court of Appeals ruled that a consumer, who purchased a car with a ‘service contract’, has Lemon law rights. In this scenario,

Does the ‘Lemon Law’ Cover Boats, Planes, RV’s or Motorcycles?

Yes, and we have successfully handled Lemon law claims involving motorcycles, RVs, and boats.

What are Some Common Examples of Defects Covered by “Lemon Law”?

Some common examples of defects which are covered by the Lemon law are:

These are a few examples of defects that significantly impair the value, safety, or use of a vehicle. A vehicle with defects that fall into this category will be covered by the Lemon law.

What to Expect When a Lemon Lawsuit is Filed?

The general remedy is:

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