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A vehicle which has been purchased or leased recently is supposed to function without any glitches. However, many vehicle-owners or lessees find their vehicles to malfunction within 18 months of purchasing them, or before driving 18,000 miles after the delivery of the vehicle.

In this scenario, a lessee or a vehicle-owner may file a Lemon law claim against a vehicle’s manufacturer or authorized dealer if the defect continues despite a reasonable number of repair attempts. However, the defects must be covered by a manufacturers or dealer’s warranty. If you believe that your vehicle qualifies to be a Lemon, then it is prudent to consult with the experienced Lemon law attorneys, at our law firm in Mission Viejo, to receive sufficient remedies for your losses.

We have been successful in Lemon law claims against influential vehicle manufacturers. If you have bought or leased a Lemon, then we at the Braff Injury Law Offices are available 24/7 for the consultation.

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Overview of California Lemon Law

The Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act is also known as California’s Lemon Law. Its main objective is to protect the residents of California who have purchased or leased defective vehicles. This law applies to both new and pre-owned vehicles which are still under manufacturers or dealer’s warranty.

Don’t feel frustrated if you must deal with constant vehicle repairs. Contact us as soon as possible if you have any concerns or queries regarding a significant or recurring issue with your vehicle.

When Does a Vehicle Qualify to Be a Lemon in California?

Your vehicle (purchased or leased) must meet a few requirements in order to qualify as a Lemon.

The ‘Lemon law presumptions establish a person’s eligibility for a refund, a cash settlement, or to have a replacement vehicle.

Each Lemon law case is different. You must meet with our experienced Lemon law attorneys in Mission Viejo to learn if your vehicle qualifies to be a Lemon and makes you eligible for the remedies.

How Does California’s Lemon Law Work?

Under California’s Lemon Law, an auto-manufacturer must provide the buyer or lessee of a vehicle with a remedy if the vehicle’s performance, safety, or value is reduced due to a significant defect. Under the law, a vehicle’s manufacturer cannot avoid their liability by inserting disclaimers into their purchase or lease contracts. The Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act or California’s Lemon law is extremely consumer-friendly.

What to Expect When You Retain Our Service for Your California Lemon Law Claim

Determining Clients’ Eligibility to File a Claim

We have a team of dedicated Lemon law attorneys who will review various documents, such as the purchase or lease agreement of your vehicle, and its repair history once you contact us. After reviewing these documents, we can determine if you are eligible to file a claim. You must fill out a form on our website with the basic information regarding your vehicle. Our Lemon law attorney in Mission Viejo will contact you for an initial consultation as quickly as possible after reviewing the information.

During the initial consultation, the lawyers at the Braff Injury Law Offices will –

We will follow up with you if we need additional information regarding your vehicle or other aspects of your claim. We can provide you with a detailed and clear assessment of your legal rights after evaluating all necessary information. We may need to follow up with you due to this reason.

Submitting a Demand Letter to the Vehicle’s Manufacturer

We will file a ‘Demand’ letter with your vehicle manufacturer if you have a claim under California’s Lemon law. In this formal written letter, we will:

We will follow up with the manufacturer to ensure that he/she has received the demand letter. Our lemon law attorneys in Mission Viejo will deal with the manufacturer on your behalf and keep you updated about new developments.

Pursue Clients’ Demand and Negotiate if Necessary

After sending a ‘Demand’ letter, we will proceed based upon a manufacturer’s reply. A manufacturer may:

The first outcome rarely happens. However, we leave no stones unturned when pursuing our clients’ rights to a remedy as a consumer irrespective of the outcome. If it becomes necessary, then we will negotiate with a manufacturer to settle your claim and provide you with sufficient compensation for your financial losses and troubles, resulting from the purchase or leasing of a Lemon vehicle.

Take a Claim to Court if Necessary

Lemon law claims are usually settled through negotiation. However, it is not unusual for auto-manufacturing companies to try to lowball a consumer, despite having sufficient evidence in support of their responsibility. If this happens when trying to settle your claim through negotiation with an auto-manufacturer, then we are not afraid to take a case to court.

Do not hesitate to contact us if your vehicle’s manufacturer refuses to negotiate a fair settlement. With the assistance of the Braff Injury Law Offices, you can make an informed decision about how to proceed.

Our reliable and dedicated Lemon law attorneys will help you with obtaining the award if your claim is successful. Call us today in Mission Viejo at.

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